Detective Pikachu

I was going to start this blog with something about how I may look like a grown woman, but how I’m actually a 12 year old who’s into Pokémon, but that raises the issues of: 1. I do not look like a grown woman and 2. Aren’t all of us back into Pokémon now? Didn’t Pokémon Go give us all that blessing?

So on the theme of me being a 28 year old child, on our trip to Singapore I orchestrated a visit to the freshly opened Pokémon store to buy a limited edition Pikachu: here is my chubby little happy face with my new pal:

It was not relaxing in there

We also invested in an extra large Snorlax for the sofa, which has already been gratefully received by the drunk friends who come round and need to cuddle something/rest their heads to quell the spins. Thoughtful.

I’ve been weird for the pocket monsters ever since my parents bought me Pokémon Yellow for the Game Boy Colour back in 2000 when I was the grand old age of 9. The summer was spent with the console glued permanently to the end of my nose, and much to my siblings’ disdain I chose to spend my time with Pikachu rather than like, going outdoors or moving anywhere at all. This was where I developed my love for Pikachu – the cutest of all the Pokémon, DON’T QUESTION THIS – so image my excitement at the prospect of Detective Pikachu.

A film, about Pikachu, where he’s wearing a cute hate and solving mysteries? Also he’s real life fluffy?!?!? Call me Misty and sign me up.

Good Stuff

The best thing about this film, very obviously, is how fucking cute Pikachu is. He is a little fluffy electric mouse and seeing him in this realistic form is something that I could’ve watched for way longer than the film’s (quite reasonable) 100 minute running time. That does go for the other creatures too, and if you’re in any way interested in Pokémon it’s easy to be carried through the film on this novelty alone.

Pikachu has the added bonus of being voiced by Ryan Reynolds, who has been doing the worlds greatest marketing campaign for this film for the last few months. He lends his Deadpool sass to voice Pika, given by far all the best lines and quips in the movie. My screening was full of children (annoying) who laughed a LOT more than the adults seemed to, which might be telling.

The plot isn’t nearly as nonsensical as other reviews had led me to expect, and I found the whole thing very easy to watch with only a few ‘eh?’ moments. The story is a bit mad by the end, but it’s a film about a talking detective mouse who loves coffee – what was anyone expecting?

Some of the action scenes are really epic too, and I found myself cheesily holding my breath through one of them in the middle. I also randomly shed a couple of tears at one point, but I had accidentally snuck in a pint of wine to the 4pm screening so you can work that one out for yourself.

Bad Stuff

It’s not quite as funny as I was hoping for, with the film falling into the classic trap of having all the best moments in the trailers. I still laughed quite a few times, but I was expecting a Deadpool level of fast and furious good lines that never quite came.

I know this isn’t the film’s fault, but my screening really was full of all the most badly behaved children in NW6 – Luke was grinding his teeth so hard before the film started I was afraid his head was going to pop off. One little treasure even took it upon himself to scream ‘THAT’S A POKEMON!‘ for the first few scenes. We also had a crier, a lot of shouters and one inappropriate clapper. Again, not Pikachu’s fault, but still annoying all the same. Can we have adult only screenings of kid’s films or is that weird as fuck?

The acting is a little bit meh from everyone involved, with Justice Smith’s main character failing to get me to care too much about anything. This might have been due to some very quick plot points being shoved in the first 15 minutes of the film without much build up, and also the seemingly pointless sub plot of him fancying the ballsy and slightly irritating reporter played by Kathryn Newton. Bill Nighy is also batshit crazy but I was ok with it.

Furthermore, please can we stop casting Rita Ora in things?


I’m not exactly going to buy it on DVD, but I would even have enjoyed just watching this version where fluffy Pikachu dances for 90 minutes.

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