High Life

Just the other day I was thinking about how all of my recent posts have been very positive. Where’s all the shit films at? It’s been forever since I came out of the cinema feeling upset and repulsed.

Enter High Life.

The Saturday just passed was, I’m sure you’re aware, Eurovision aka the best day of the year. In our complete naivety and refusal to learn from the past, we decided to book to go and see the space drama starring Robert Pattinson at midday on Sunday, the next day. I’m older, but no wiser.

As you can imagine, after a night of prosecco, party poppers, clapping along, neighbours pounding on the ceiling, a war with a party cannon – we’d felt….fresher. I managed to have at least 10% wits about me but Daisy was truly feeling the negative effects of a hot and unstable tube ride as we headed to the Curzon: Soho to catch the poorly attended lunch time showing.

This film doesn’t have a huge release (no chance of seeing it at an Odeon or Vue) so we paid the big bucks to see it – I’ve never been to a Curzon before so am looking forward to reviewing the cinema too! My inspiration for reviews will never end!!! Unlucky for you.

So, unfortunately, back to the film. High Life stars R-Patz and is about a group of criminals who get sent to space to do some research about black holes or something. We start at the end, with Patz and his baby being the only humans still standing, and we work backwards from there.

Good Stuff

Pffft. Is there any good stuff? It could’ve been more boring. I mean, the 2 hours did not move quickly for me, but I’ve probably sat through worse.

Also, Daisy felt a lot better after the film and suspects it might have ‘shocked the hangover out of her.’ So that’s something.

Bad Stuff

Where to start?! How about WHAT THE FUCK? It’s really unpleasant to watch, with a second half so sexually and violently graphic that it makes you really miss the first half where it’s just the baby screaming for 45 minutes.

Several people get raped and your eyes will see that LEST you turn and look at the wall, which is a good option. A witch doctor has sex with a robot and lucky old you get to watch her writhe around for a solid 10 minutes. To say that I felt uncomfortable would be an understatement – I’m a little bit of a prude, so I know I’m sensitive to this sort of thing – but who the fuck would want to watch this? Who the fuck would WRITE this?

None of the performances are exceptional, with R-Patz brooding his way through the entire film with an occasional break to punch someone. Things had become so messed up by the end that we both thought he was going to try and have sex with his own teenage daughter. Like, that wouldn’t have been weird, after what we’d been through.

I found almost nothing to like about this, but one of the things I hated the most was the choice to make everyone’s microphones incredibly loud so that you have the unpleasant sensation of hearing everyone breathing/masticating/screaming (if they’re the baby.) I just wanted it to be over so bad.

I can only assume that the whole point of this is to make the viewer feel uncomfortable, and in that it succeeded. We tried to Google what the point of it all was during lunch afterwards, but didn’t come across any answers.


When the film finished a gentleman behind us said “Well….that was certainly no Paddington 2.” It certainly was not.

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