Long Shot

In my absence last month, my sister Daisy did an Instagram take over and reviewed Long Shot: the new romantic comedy starring God amongst women Charlize Theron and…Seth Rogen. Sure.

Daisy really enjoyed the film (read her post) and since we are born of the same blood I immediately began to look forward to it! There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had in a beautiful, well made drama, but sometimes you just wanna drink a few wines, go to the cinema and watch a light-hearted comedy. Not a crime.

Seth Rogen is  hard hitting journalist Fred, who quits his job after the magazine he works for is bought out by a creepy old evil rich guy, played by Andy Serkis. Charlize Theron is Charlotte, the Secretary of State planning to make a run for president in 2020 and in need of a boost in the ‘humour’ department, so hires Fred to be her new script writer. Also she was his babysitter when he was 13, so there’s a bit of history there. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!

Good Stuff

Charlize Theron is heaven. She can act anything, be anything – she could tell me to do anything at all and I would do it. I would watch a film of her blinking for 2 hours. Here she proves she can do comedy just as well as she can do drama, and I thought her best moments in this were the really silly ones – her post-drugs-bender-hostage-recovery being one of my favourites.

The jokes come thick and fast, and I did a really big laugh out loud at one particular point that I wasn’t expecting. I think I’d even seen it before it in the trailer, so it must have been a good’un. I was in a small screen with about 4 couples (I sat on my own at the back with a bag of Haribo – what’s up?) and a couple of them laughed SO LOUDLY throughout the entire film. Whether they were drunk or something I don’t know, but they sure had a lovely time.

Although it’s, at this point, no shock to anyone that I don’t know anything about a film being technically well-made, nothing about how this film looked or sounded or was paced bothered me, so it must’ve had some sort of skill involved. What a fantastic back handed compliment to the Director.

The running time is 2 hours 5 minutes which I was VERY upset to read when I booked my ticket, but despite a lag about an hour in, it went by pretty easily.

Bad Stuff

Well one out of two ain’t bad I suppose, because Seth Rogen is awful. WHY IS HE ALWAYS SHOUTING. Has he ever done a role where he’s not a one dimensional shout-y asshole? I found his whole presence in the film almost unbearable, which was kind of a downer as he is in almost every single scene.

While I appreciate that this isn’t quite a formulaic normal rom-com and that certain clich├ęs were turned on their heads, I still found it – to be honest – offensive that Charlize Theron’s character would be even slightly interested in going out with this guy. That she would think his behaviour at the beginning at the film, where he’s being a huge twat who literally embarrasses her in front of royalty and frequently tells her how to live her life even though she is going to be PRESIDENT, is in any way attractive or even acceptable? Boy bye.

The romance between the two of them seems to come out of nowhere, and though Daisy made the point that it was the getting to know each other montage that apparently bonded them together, I just couldn’t accept it. Why? Why would she want him? I don’t like the implication that this deeply successful woman couldn’t be happy until some gross stoner guy teaches her to ‘have fun.’

I get that the premise of the film is that it’s a long shot that these two would be together, but I just didn’t buy it. Maybe my personal distaste for Seth Rogen (because he’s terrible) has clouded my judgement. Who knows!

Also, the dramatic action sequences (in the trailer for some reason) seem very out of place. And Andy Serkis’s heavily made up villain character is really quite bonkers and looks like his face is melting off. Maybe that was the point.

Some of the humour was a bit teenage boy for me too, but I think if I’d come to see this with a friend and I’d had a few wines, I might have been able to get more enjoyment from it.


I would watch it again, but only if I could take a beta blocker first to tone down my Seth Rogen irritation.

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